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It all started outon a family vacation to see the ocean for the very first time, when a passionate young kid from Kentucky discovered his gift: putting words to paper…and in the wake of a promise that his grandmother made to his grandfather, the same young kid developed a passion for country music.

With a unique personality and a striking collection of tracks under his belt, Clint Stanton is a new artist to watch out within the country music scene. Currently based in Lexington, Kentucky, Clint makes music that feels honest, yet direct and personal, echoing the work of seminal performers the likes of Tim McGraw, Vince Gill or Johnny Cash, just to mention a few…he woke up early mornings for breakfast listening to the Judds,  but it was in a thunderstorm in the middle of the Tennessee forest where he first heard a voice that was different, coming through the radio.  Indian Outlaw captured his ears and from then on, so did Country music.


Unique in his writing style and voice, Clint was always a shy kid with an old soul and southern draw who hid his talent from naysayers for years.  Always writing, always striving to develop his craft, believing one day, that these thoughts and feelings would reach the ears and hearts of others.  Using this gift as a healing process, writing songs to reach the feelings locked in all of us.

Clint always followed his mother’s motto: never give up on your dreams, always believe. His passion is to pursue, persevere, pouring his heart and soul into each song.  This lead him to pack his bags and move to Nashville in 2005, where he started to perform and learn as most artist do… the hard way out of a pickle jar!

 Something in his heart told him to move back. While at first he felt regret, he didn't foresee the passing of his mother.  "Music and songwriting is a healing process for me, to share joy, hurt, pain".  "Its a freedom we all have, a connection to life and the stories we live"  

This pain led to honoring his mother with a song titled “I Can’t Wait”, which he wrote on the beaches of Florida, following the first Mother's Day without her.  Descriptive in the lines, painting the scene of the water, thoughts and feelings anyone can relate with facing the loss of a loved one.  "Sitting there alone, there is not a day that goes by that you don't feel that hurt".  "Like all my other songs, the words just jumped to paper"


Clint expertly mastered the art of combining witty lyricism with unforgettable melodic content that converge into a charming set of sonic aesthetics and gripping tunes. Natural fluidity and flow of the words in his writing, is a true Gift his mother passed on to all her kids.  Through storytelling and strong imagery he dedicated the track "Walk in my Footsteps" to his two brothers, who welcomed the birth of their sons Andrew and Hunter, just months apart.   He came up with the idea behind this song in his grandmother's house, walking by the famous anonymous footprints in the sand poem hanging on the wall.  A powerful message for any father, brother, grandfather of love and leading the next generation. 


Believing in himself, and feeling a responsibility to share his music to the world, Clint is still out there creating touching songs to reach out to others with the words, music and melodies he writes.  The Gift and The Passion will never settle and he will never be fearful to follow his heart.


Clint has been a singer and songwriter for many years now, with a debut album under his belt and a brand new one on the works. Today, he is back on the scene with a whole new visions, and with the desire to keep sharing his talent, songs, ideas and dreams with audiences of all walks of life.

There is quite nothing like the timeless sound of the acoustic guitar, and when you pair the warmth of the 6 strings with the voice of an artist who’s truly got something to say, the combination is nothing short of magic. Following in the the footsteps of the best storytellers of country music, Clint’s songs are particularly heartfelt and personal, as his songs tell stories in a delicate, classy way. Songs such as “Picture In A Leather Frame” are a great example of how Clint is able to evoke memories and really spontaneous feelings through his edgy and intuitive songwriting skills. Musically, Clint often relies on simple and effective arranging, knowing that “less is more” is always a great philosophy when it comes to creating great country music with a message for all:


Live a life that's authentic.

Take a chance to chase and capture your dreams.  

“With music, you connect: you believe and see something in yourself"


Don’t miss Clint’s soon-to-be released songs, featured within his second album, which will be released in March.





Clint Stanton is sure an artist to wear his heart on a sleeve: his blend of country music is melodic and thought-provoking, with really insightful lyrics and hooks that are memorable and direct.


His outspoken narrative and timeless song arrangements, echo the work of artists such as Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks or Vince Gill, just to mention but a few.


Based in Kentucky, Clint has been making music with an open mind and a very eclectic attitude, embracing influences that embrace various genres, from country to folk, pop and rock.




Clint Stanton is a singer and songwriter from Kentucky. He has a passion for great country storytelling, beautiful melodies and great arrangement, following in the footsteps of some of the most iconic artists in the genres, including Tim McGraw or Johnny Cash. Clint is about the be releasing his second album, which will be published in March.


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Clint Stanton is a driven and charismatic artists whose music falls somewhere in between country, folk, rock and pop. Clint’s songs are particularly distinctive for his striking lyricism and beautiful melodies, bringing emotion and energy to the mix in equally balanced doses.

Stay tuned for Clint’s second album, which will see the light of day in March 2017.


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Clint Stanton is a singer and songwriter with a love for great country music.





Clint Stanton is a country music artist from Kentucky.


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